Withholding Tax Management for Asset Management Companies

Manage administration, controlling and reporting conveniently and with maximum compliance

The economic power of withholding tax

Implement technology-driven solutions and adopt a proactive management approach

Processing withholding taxes is on the rise, driven by initiatives such as the EU Commission's FASTER proposal and investors' portfolio diversification. The economic significance of withholding tax is often underestimated, leading to compliance gaps and financial losses. Technology-driven solutions are crucial for compliance and successful positioning. A proactive approach to withholding tax management is essential.

Our solution

Explore automated and streamlined Withholding Tax Management

ForTC enables Asset Management Companies to effectively manage dividend and interest income, including withholding tax with depositary banks and external service providers. By integrating internal systems with RAQUEST, ForTC facilitates a seamless transfer of dividend and interest distribution amounts and reclaimable withholding tax. It also encompasses claim management by detecting discrepancies and supporting the transition of open payments into the RAQUEST Standard Refund process. An effective management of vendor risks is ensured by supervising both the claim management, and the receivables settlement.

Your Benefits

Empower your operations

Effortlessly import data from upstream systems using standard formats

Enhance compliance by meeting investor reporting obligations and monitoring depositary banks and other service providers

Seamlessly integratable into RAQUEST software for processing

Tailored to asset management companies’ requirements and workflows

Achieve high automation levels to minimise and effectively manage risks

Increase Relief at Source rates for accelerated withholding tax reinvestments

Deliver superior revenue performance compared to competitors

Embrace proactive withholding tax management

RAQUEST is the leading partner for your asset management tax performance

Proficiency and Client-Centric Approach

With more than 15 years of experience in withholding tax, RAQUEST stands out as the premier software solution for processing withholding tax. Our accomplishments stem from the fusion of extensive expertise and a cooperative relationship with our clients, crafting solutions tailored to an interconnected financial sector.

Tech and Passion

Software is our DNA. The RAQUEST product team exudes passion and expertise in designing, refining, and supporting advanced software solutions. The focus lies on efficient, future-proof, accessible, and flexible web technologies to ensure all RAQUEST products meet the evolving needs of every financial institution.

Early adopter in regulatory evolution and pioneering partners in digitalisation

As a strategic ally and early adopter, RAQUEST serves as nexus for politics, regulators, associations, and the financial industry. Excelling in steering technical and procedural aspects of digitisation initiatives, we maintain a vigilant watch on industry shifts and trends and step in as a solution provider. RAQUEST’s expertise and advanced capabilities pave the way for compliant and effective withholding tax processing.

Unlock Your Withholding Tax Potential

Boost customers’ satisfaction by automating withholding tax relief and recovery

With RAQUEST, withholding tax processing becomes effortless, covering every relief and recovery procedures with end-to-end digitisation. From data collection and analysis to application and final payment – the entire process is streamlined.

STTI Gateway

Mastering digital claiming procedures

STTI facilitates secure data transfer regardless of the required procedure. The interface supports the electronic submission of applications or seamlessly transfers data to the tax authorities’ web form. Avoid tying up valuable resources by developing a system in-house – opt for a market-proven solution instead.

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