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Managing withholding tax can be an intricate process. With tailored solutions, RAQUEST offers holistic and automated solutions to relieve your clients from double taxation. Unlock efficiency, boost profitability, and elevate your customer service.

Maximum automation

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The financial industry is reshaping, ushering in a competitive landscape, and accelerating digitalisation across banking and capital market sectors. With RAQUEST, withholding tax processing becomes effortless, covering every relief procedure with end-to-end digitisation. The software covers all three options to relieve your clients from double taxation.

Relief on Paydate

Claim withholding tax relief directly upon distribution of dividends or interest income. Submit Relief at Source instructions before income distribution and transfer the entire RAS documentation. RAQUEST streamlines the entire process, from data and document collection to event message checking, stocktaking, and securities reporting. Automated to meet deadlines and eliminate process errors.

Fallback solution

This process of accelerated reimbursement of the recovery claim can be initiated, if a Relief at Source instruction has not been initiated.

Standard procedure

Applicable, if Relief at Source or Quick Refund are not feasible. RAQUEST’s core features include automated application creation, streamlined reimbursement, and payment write-offs. Integrated features like deadline monitoring, logging, and dual control ensure full process security.

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Manage tax processing on your own

Run and operate RAQUEST inhouse. You decide whether you want to host the software on premises or in the Private Cloud. Alternatively, you can choose our SaaS model in the Public Cloud.


Outsource tax processing

Leave tax processing to the RAQUEST team or certified BPO partners. With Managed Service, tax processing is carried out on your premises; with Business Process Outsourcing at an external location.


Choose the market-leading player in withholding tax processing

Transform your expenditure hub into a revenue generator by implementing the leading solution for Withholding Tax Reclaim procedures.

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STTI Gateway

Mastering digital claiming procedures

STTI facilitates secure data transfer regardless of the required procedure. The interface supports the electronic submission of applications or seamlessly transfers data to the tax authorities’ web form. Avoid tying up valuable resources by developing a system in-house – opt for a market-proven solution instead.

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RAQUEST is the leading Withholding Tax Fintech

RAQUEST was developed by a team of experts in the field of international withholding tax and stands for the innovative era of financial services initiated by fintechs with the aim of a technologically reshaping of the financial world.

RAQUEST is the leading administration software for relief at source and refund claims of foreign withholding tax and was developed in cooperation with leading financial experts. Thanks to the high degree of automation of the software, the process of relief at source and reclaim of withholding tax is significantly accelerated and missed deadlines as well as errors in processing are rigorously avoided.