New German Reclaim Interface

Submit withholding tax reclaim applications via new mass data interface


Reclaiming withholding tax in the German market

With planned deployment of the new mass data interface in 2024 German tax authority (BZSt) will establish a new market standard in the reclaim system, permitting reclaims in bulk.

From 2025 onwards, all banks intending to send withholding tax refund applications to the German Tax Authority need a solution for digital submission.
RAQUEST Digital withholding tax reclaim interface STTI Gateway


Mastering digital claiming with the STTI interface

STTI is the leading gateway facilitating the efficient transfer of tax-related data and documents between banks' internal systems and the German Tax Authority for application via a programming interface (APIs).

All-in-one approach for seamless data transfer

With STTI, financial institutions can securely and seamlessly transfer data not only to the German Tax Authority but also to any market requiring a digital claiming procedure.

RAQUEST Digital data transfer between banks and authorities STTI Interface BZSt

STTI Gateway

Streamlined connectivity
in one unified gateway

Sophisticated and market-proven solution

StandardizED to MEET various market technologies & processes


End-to-end datA encryption for maximum reliability and security

Continuous updates including regulatory CHANGES


Reclaim Process Overview

Digital process flow between financial institutions and the German Tax Authority

Technical format

XML Data Structure (KAFE)
HTTPS POST Transmission of files (DIP)
Bundling of applications required
No paper in either direction
Authentication via PKI enterprise certificate

Discover RAQUEST

Your implementation partner
for bulk reclaims

With over 15 years of expertise in foreign withholding taxes, RAQUEST is the market-leading software solution for withholding tax processing in Europe. Our success is rooted in the synergy of in-depth knowledge and a collaborative approach with our clients, developing products for an interconnected financial industry.

To foster early involvement of potential users, the German Tax Authority has established a user group, in which we actively participate. Engaging in this initial expert exchange grants us direct access to the implementing authority, setting the framework in developing an intuitive interface. The development of STTI has been informed by profound expertise and detailed knowledge of complex tax regulations.


Flexible Operating Models

STTI as an add-on to RAQUEST

The STTI interface connects the withholding tax software RAQUEST with tax authorities – enabling an automated end-to-end reclaim process.

STTI as a stand-alone application

STTI can be integrated with any existing withholding tax software – for reclaim applications via your system.

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