Reclaim withholding tax digitally

Secure data transfer between banks and tax authorities.


Digital withholding tax
reclaim with STTI

Tax authorities continue to drive digitalisation forward. In order to continue offering withholding tax reclaim services throughout all markets financial institutions are challenged to implement holistic solutions.

STTI enables a secure and smooth data transfer to every tax authority that demands a digital claiming procedure.
RAQUEST Digital withholding tax reclaim interface STTI Gateway


Mastering digital claiming procedures

STTI is the leading gateway facilitating the efficient transfer of tax-related data and documents between banks' internal systems and tax or application authorities, regardless of the required procedure. It supports electronic form submission or seamlessly transfers data to web forms.

Applications via web form

Applications via programming interfaces (APIs)

All-in-one approach for seamless data transfer

RAQUEST Digital data transfer between banks and authorities STTI Interface BZSt


Supported tax authorities

STTI already covers various tax authority systems. As expected, more tax authorities will gradually require electronic procedures and provide corresponding interfaces. Tax domiciles and investment markets in RAQUEST’s STTI can therefore be expanded on a modular basis.

New German Reclaim Interface

Financial institutions are constantly challenged to comply with requirements of the tax authorities. A present challenge is the implementation of the German Tax Authority's upcoming mass processing interface scheduled for rollout by 2025.

Digital Application

Efficient workflow between financial institutions and tax authorities


A controlling application (e.g. RAQUEST) triggers an application


STTI validates the request, demands manual steps if necessary and sends data to the claiming authority


If documents are missing, the controlling application is informed. These can be submitted manually via web link


STTI includes functions to correct any discrepancies (e.g. in case of errors in the application data or if applications are rejected / cancelled for various reasons)


STTI maps the data to the appropriate data format and transfers the data in a secure way via the given transmission protocol to the tax authority

Status message

Status messages keep the controlling application informed of the processing status at all time

Data deletion

After completion, the request is closed in STTI and all data is deleted


Streamlined connectivity to tax authorities
using one unified gateway

Sophisticated and market-proven solution

Standardised to meet various market technologies & processes


End-to-end datA encryption for maximum reliability and security

Continuous updates including regulatory CHANGES



Your withholding tax solutions provider and implementation partner

With over 15 years of expertise in foreign withholding tax, RAQUEST is the market-leading software solution for withholding tax processing in Europe. Our success is rooted in the synergy of in-depth knowledge and a collaborative approach with our clients, developing products for an interconnected financial industry.

The development of STTI has been informed by profound expertise and detailed knowledge of complex tax regulations. In order to elaborate an interface as user-oriented and effective as possible, we proactively worked with tax authorities and customers, by setting up expert groups and participating in user groups, to identify and shape requirements prior to the technical implementation.

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Flexible Operating Models

STTI as an add-on to RAQUEST

The STTI interface connects the withholding tax software RAQUEST with tax authorities – enabling an automated end-to-end reclaim process.

STTI as a stand-alone application

STTI can be integrated with any existing withholding tax software – for reclaim applications via your system.
RAQUEST withholding tax reclaim application web form in Austria, automatically filled with data STTI gateway and interface demonstration

Withholding tax reclaim in Austria

Take a closer look on how STTI works. Discover how the Austrian application form is automatically filled with data.


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