RAQUEST Dual Solution for Submitting Withholding Tax Refund Applications via the mass data interface DIP.KaFE



With the launch of the new mass data interface DIP.KaFE in mid-July 2024, RAQUEST, as the first provider, offers flexible solutions for submitting withholding tax refund applications via DIP.KaFe for financial institutions. These solutions are specifically tailored for the procedure of the German Tax Authority (BZSt) and ensure seamless digital submission for both RAQUEST clients and non-clients. 


Action Required for all capital gains from 2020-2021

The deadline for submitting refund applications for capital gains from the year 2020 is rapidly approaching. Given the technical and content complexities involved, even applications for gains from 2021 need prompt attention. Our dual solution set provides all financial service providers with the tools needed to meet these deadlines efficiently, by choosing the procedure that best suits your organisations’ workflows.  


Comprehensive Solutions for RAQUEST Clients

From July 2024, the German Tax Authority requires all financial institutions to submit withholding tax refund applications digitally via the DIP.KaFE interface. Our new module, built on our proven STTI gateway, fully complies with the latest regulations and offers our clients a comprehensive solution for adapting their systems to the new digital requirements. 

Key Features of the RAQUEST STTI Module:

  • Connectivity: Easily integratable with any bank’s core system 
  • Security: Ensures end-to-end data encryption for maximum reliability and security 
  • Flexibility: Offers flexible operating models adaptable to various market technologies and processes 
  • Automation: Automates the submission process, significantly reducing manual workloads and errors 
  • Efficiency: Enables quick implementation with minimal resources, ensuring a smooth transition to the new digital submission process



For Non-Clients: A streamlined stand-alone solution for prompt application submissions

For financial service providers that have not implemented RAQUEST, we have developed a simpler, stand-alone solution available to be implemented immediately. This streamlined procedure is based on Excel templates, allowing for quick and easy digital submission of withholding tax refund applications in bulk.  

Key features of the RAQUEST Stand-Alone Solution:

  • Ease of Use: Simple operation using Excel templates and PDF documents 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Web-based interface for uploading applications 
  • Manual Approval: Allows manual review, validation and approval processes 
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Features for filtering, searching applications, and exporting status reports 
  • Quick Implementation: Ready for immediate deployment without the need for extensive resources 




Since mid-2023, paper-based procedures for withholding tax refunds in Germany have been phased out. The manual submission process via the BOP portal has proven to be time-consuming and labour-intensive. With the BZSt launching the DIP.KaFE interface, the urgency for digital solutions cannot be overstated. With the new Mass Data Interface, the German Tax Authority (BZSt) is establishing a new, digital market standard in the reclaim system, permitting reclaims in bulk. Our solutions are designed to streamline this process, ensuring quick and efficient handling of refund applications.  


As the digital landscape of tax procedures evolves, our solutions ensure that financial service providers can navigate the changes and comply with all regulatory requirements. RAQUEST’s dual solution for submitting withholding tax refund applications via the DIP.KaFE procedure offer unparalleled efficiency and can be tailored to meet the needs of both clients and non-clients. By leveraging either our comprehensive or our stand-alone solution, financial service providers can ensure they meet the upcoming digital submission requirements in time.  


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